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About Erin

I moved to Nashville in 1996 to take a job as violinist for the Nashville Symphony.  I got my massage license in those first years here as something to supplement my music career.  I discovered two things: my knowledge of the body helped me maintain my well-being and health as a player and my ability to help others was very satisfying.  In 2014 I changed my professional emphasis to bodywork and searched out a modality that spoke to my personal interest in holistic health and healing.


It may seem, at first, like a huge shift and yet I find myself utilizing many of the skills needed for a career in music.  My sensitivity, creativity, and receptive nature helps me adapt to each person and treat each case of pain or discomfort individually.


I have always been fascinated with the body: how it moves, the incredible artistic beauty it can perform, and its wondrous ability to heal itself.  I have found a modality that encourages motion, fluidity, and balance within the body.  The potential of Moving Freely is inside us all: my job is to show your body the pathway there.

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