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What to Expect

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I work through a light layer of clothing.  A comfortable shirt is appropriate and, in particular, it is important to wear something similar to yoga pants, athletic pants, or shorts.  I need to be able to bend and move a client easily at the major joints: shoulder, elbow, hip, knee.  You may change privately in the room before and after the session if necessary.


Following a consultation and visual assessment of your individual physical concerns, I work where tension collects and restricts motion and comfort.  I use palpation and positioning, gentle compression, and relaxation methods.  The techniques stimulate the proprioceptor nerves and signal the body to self-correct.


Depending on the area being addressed, there is a conversation between myself and the client about tenderness or tightness of a spot and also about the direction that is most comfortable for the muscle tissue.  With this dialogue, the client develops an awareness of the work being done and experiences a deep sense of calm.

Patient Forms

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