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"I am a professional string player and had a bad bow re-hair one summer that caused my right thumb to start hurting over the summer and it continued to hurt all fall. I had been working on it with various therapies and trying to stretch it out with little success. I finally found the time to see Erin around late November and after two sessions with her, my thumb pain was gone and has not returned. I love how what she does is so gentle and yet so effective!"  -- Clare Yang



Using great knowledge of the body, exceptional observation skills and impressive intuition, Erin approached me like a knotted ball of yarn.  My reflex is to poke in deep and rough to untangle the muscle tissue.  Erin gently pulls thread by thread until the ball of yarn that is me is unknotted, untangled, and able to move freely and smoothly. --  Tracy B Ann



"When I had my first session with Erin, I did not know what to expect. She went over my health history, asked what areas were most concerning for me-- which was my right shoulder and neck. She is very calm, thorough, and listens. Working as a dental hygienist can be repetitious using your wrist, arm, and shoulder and I was at a place that I needed some relief. During my visit, she worked with my arm, shoulder and wrist. Then when she worked with my right hand, I failed to tell her that my right pinky was flaring out when I worked on patients and it wouldn't line up with my other fingers. She worked on my pinky and the next day it was completely back to normal. I was amazed and so thankful for her help. I have not had any problems since and I would highly recommend her treatment and service. " -- Zee


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